As of 2017, there were 34.3 million vehicles registered in Canada according to Statistics Canada. Auto Know website shows the average American will own about six cars in their lifetime, and we’re betting the Canadian number is pretty darn close. And all these cars have to be bought from somewhere!

Now, if you own a new or used car dealership, chances are you have customers walking in off the street. And, it’s very likely customers visit your dealership via word of mouth or another one of your marketing strategies. But, wouldn’t it be great to have a database of potential customers at your fingertips? Buying auto dealer leads could be right for you!

What Exactly Does It Mean To Buy Leads?

Buying leads means to purchase pertinent information about customers who may be interested in your product or service. So, if you are buying leads for a dealership, you would be given contact information for people who are interested in buying a car or someone who has looked into obtaining a loan to buy one.

Why Would You Want To Buy Automotive Sales Leads?

Automotive Leads For Good And Bad Credit Canadian Drivers

Automotive Leads For Good And Bad Credit Canadian Drivers

You want to keep your sales numbers up and obtaining reputable auto lead providers is a great way to find new customers.

Isn’t It Expensive To Buy Leads?

You will pay a bit more to buy quality leads, but having a number of potential customers at your fingertips is well worth the investment. Once your dealership starts seeing new customers from the leads you buy, you’ll find you also gain return customers over the years as well as referrals.

Where Can I Buy The Best Auto Dealership Leads?

Not all lead companies will sell you the same type of leads. In fact, there are some downright scams out there. So, you need to do your research. Here’s what you want to look for when buying leads:

Detailed, accurate information.

You’ll want to ask the company you purchase your leads from where they obtain the automotive leads they sell to you.  It’s important to know they’re from a reputable source, like an auto finance company.

Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to grab a name and email address from just about anywhere; so, ensure the leads you are buying all have detailed information. You may not actually need or want all this information, but it helps to show the lead is legitimate. And, you want to ensure you are receiving leads from people who are genuinely interested in buying a car, not leads meant for another product. And definitely not leads stolen or obtained illegally.

Opt-In Versus Opt-Out Leads.

Because of new Canadian privacy laws, people who visit new websites and request further information about a product or service are generally given the option to either opt-in or opt-out of going on mailing lists. This opt-in list also often asks if the consumer is interested in having their information provided to other companies.

You want to make sure you are receiving only opt-in leads because these are people who are actually interested in buying a car. They are likely expecting someone to follow up with them about their inquiry. If someone has opted out of having their information passed on, you’ll likely only annoy them by your contact. And you can then deduce your lead source is either ignoring their wishes or obtaining their information illegally.

Online Car Loan Lead Generation For Auto Dealers in Canada

Online Car Loan Lead Generation For Auto Dealers in Canada

If The Information Is Pertinent To You.

What’s the point of receiving potential car buyer information in Vancouver or Calgary if your car dealership is located in Toronto? You want to make sure all the leads you receive are potential buyers in your area.

Are They Timely?

Is there any point in receiving a lead for someone who inquired about purchasing a car nine months ago? Chances are they have already purchased a car or have changed their mind. Ideally, you want your leads to only be a month old—maximum. A few days to a few weeks is an even better timeframe.

Fair Purchase Agreements.

Some lead selling companies require you to buy a certain number of leads every month, while others allow you to purchase whenever you want. And some companies won’t always have leads available to give you when you need them. So, make sure you read through all the terms and fine print of what to expect from them, and what they expect from you.

Their Policy On Bad Leads.

Even if you are working with a top-notch lead company who offers quality leads, it’s not uncommon to occasionally receive a ‘bad lead’. Perhaps someone entered in their own information incorrectly, or it’s changed since they originally filled out the inquiry. And, yes, some people do give out fake and spam information. The point is that legitimate lead companies will offer you a guarantee on your purchase. They may simply replace the bad leads or offer you some sort of refund or other compensation.

The Bottom Line

We know you want to buy the absolute best leads you can for your new or used car dealership. This is why LendingArch Dealers is committed to always providing you with timely, pertinent, accurate, local new and used car leads.

When you buy auto sales leads from LendingArch, you can be assured that the leads you receive are not only valid prospective leads from people actually looking to buy cars, but that they are in a good financial position to buy a vehicle.

LendingArch Dealers receives the best car loan leads from the most powerful auto loan domains around. And we verify every lead and offer a satisfaction guarantee.

We are your #1 source for auto lead generation and the best place to find auto leads in Canada. At LendingArch Dealers, we make it easy for your dealership to buy quality, high-intent auto leads so you can use them to boost the sales of your new or used car dealership. Contact us today for some great auto leads!